Finance Overview

Finance Overview is showcase of all logged project timesheets together including project expenses.

  • Logged Hours – Shows total logged project hours Billable and Not Billable
  • Billable Hours – Shows total billable hours – All time
  • Billed Hours – Shows total invoiced hours.
  • Unbillable Hours – Shows total unbilled hours. Ex. Means that the project have 3 unbilled hours from the last project invoice (If any).

The total values are calculated based on the Billing Type

Example billing type Project Hours

Project have logged total 3 hours and Rate per hours in project settings is set 40$ the calculation will go like this:

40$ x 3 = Total 120$

Example billing type Task Hours

The total per hour in this case is taken from the task Total Per Hour


Fix firefox bug – Total per hour is 25$

Create new table in database – Total Per hour is 40$

Task 1 (Fix firefox bug) have logged 1 hour and Task 2 (Create new table in database) have logged 2 hours.

The calculation goes like this:

25$ x 1 hours (Task 1 – Fix firefox bug)

40$ x 2 hours (Task 2 – Create new table in database)

Equal to 105$

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