New Contract

New Contract

Click on the aside menu Contracts link and on the left side there is a button New Contract.

  • Trash
  • Hide from customer – If this field is checked the contract won’t be shown in the customers area and customer contacts with permission for contracts won’t get expiry reminder email.
  • Subject for the contract – For your own usage
  • Contract value – Give this contract value – Base currency is used.
  • Contract type – You can organize your contracts in types. To add new contract type navigate to Setup->Contracts->Contract Types
  • Contract start date
  • Contract end date – This field is option and if end time is empty no expiry notification will be sent.

Contract Content

After you create the initial contract with all the necessary information you can add contract content to be shown on PDF.

The text/content inside the editor will be compiled into a PDF and you can easily send this PDF to the customer by clickin on the top right envelope icon.

You need to click on the green Save Contract button in order to save the contract content..

Contract Attachments

Attachments area optional. If you upload file also this file will be visible to the customers side and the customer can download the contract.

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